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by STS UK Support
Created Oct 16, 2021 | East Sussex
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Hi All,
We have come up with sponsor a room to help us make sure that as many people as we can we can get off of the streets and out of this cold. we hoping to offer this service in our support areas we cover. We work with local councils to help refer as many homeless as we can and assist them with extra support when needed but unfortunately not everyone fits the councils criteria to be put into temporary accommodation until further assistance with all support services is available.
we work 7days aweek across the 11 towns and villages to assit as many homeless as we can with hot food, warm clothing, wash kits, sleeping bags, tents. but in this cold we really like get as many off the streets as we can that are homeless and desprate need of support.
due the much red tape and covid our night shelter will not be opening this year so we praying we can help them with a room a nice warm bed and shower and clean clothing instread of a church bench or hall for the night.
£39 will help us save one person for 1 night and will really mean so much to us all to be able help them keep safe and warm.
Thank you all for the kind and amazing support.
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    You are amazing people..... Respect

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